I'm Tomáš Dvořák, currently (as of November 2008) unemployed and living in Prague, Czech republic. This page serves mostly as a place to publish some of my projects. However, it is quite a rare occassion that I actually finish some project.

OSD Monitors

OSD Monitors is the ideal tool for those of us, who prefer simple window managers and don't want precious screen space cluttered with panels, icons and other rubbish (my WM of choice is pekwm). It uses the xosd library to display various textual monitors in transparent floating on a fixed position of the screen. If there should be multiple monitors running at the same time, user is expected to run multiple instances of osd_monitors with different parameters.

See it here.

Lack Of Invention (obsolete)

LOI is a realtime sound processing tool. You can use it as a software guitar pedal or a voice distorter. It uses LADSPA sound processing plugins. The core is written in C, the frontend is written in Python with GTK+ bindings, so it's easy to maintain and extend. See it here.

Update (Nov 2008)

LOI is not being developed anymore, I didn't do anything useful since 2006. I use Rakarrack now, it's a great effects processor, although not exactly what I had on mind when developing LOI.

Jan Tleskač's flying bicycle (obsolete)

A remake of classic copter or sf-cave game, works under Win32 and Linux. It's written in C and uses the SDL library. It can be controlled by microphone, by humming low or high tone you can control the motion of Jan Tleskač, a guy flying his way through a cave on his homemade flying bicycle. I made this game for people with motion disability.

Update (Nov 2008)

Jan Tleskač's flying bicycle is not being developed anymore. For more informations check it's page.