OSD Monitors


OSD Monitors is the ideal tool for those of us, who prefer simple window managers and don't want precious screen space cluttered with panels, icons and other rubbish (my WM of choice is pekwm). It uses the xosd library to transparently display various textual monitors on a fixed position of the screen. If there should be multiple monitors running at the same time, user is expected to run multiple instances of osd_monitors with different parameters. It is written in pure C, runs under Linux (X Windows), and has very few dependencies and very low CPU and memory footprint.


As of version 0.1, following monitors are implemented:

If you happen to write some more monitors or find some bugs, send me patches or reports.


OSD Monitors in action in the bottom right part of the screen

OSD Monitors in action at the bottom right part of the screen


You can download the program source here.